Activision’s new lifelike CGI renderings, is it a good or bad thing for the gaming industry?

I’m sure people have asked, “When are graphics going to become so realistic that you can’t tell the difference from a real person?” Well, if it’s not right now, it’s going to be here soon.

The CGI video is property of Activision. Even though I saw this exact same demo done by Nvidia, I’m not sure if they’re partnering up on this or what, but the fact of the matter is, these CGI renderings are spectacular, if not lifelike.
My only problem with this is that most of the game developers are mainly focused on the power of the graphics and how realistic games look, when not all of them actually need to look super realistic. Take the game Dishonored for example, the games graphics aren’t amazing or even the average for most of the games that came out at the same time.

BUT, people seem to forget that even if you have amazing graphics it doesn’t make the game play or the story line any better. What makes dishonored different are the overall game play and aesthetics of the game. I think that the graphics weren’t meant to be the most advanced. They were meant to compliment the story line and the game play.
While I’m all for amazing graphics I’m worried that the industry is spending too much time focusing on how technologically advanced graphics can be instead of taking the time and effort into making the graphics compliment the story line and game play as a whole, instead of just being “The best looking game out there.”.
That being said, I still think this achievement is amazing and ground breaking but I’m worried about what’s going to happen to games now that this realism is now possible. Here’s the Kotaku article where I saw the new Soldier renders.


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