Video Game Music – Love it or Hate it?

When Halo 4 was released, I stumbled upon a link on iHeartRadio that is dedicated to having a radio station for Halo, entitled Master Chief Radio, which has been on in my room since I discovered it. This radio station is so awesome because it is mixed entirely by 343 Industries, the new developer for the Halo franchise. This is something that has never been seen before and is an awesome idea. This radio station appeals to Halo fans and music fans alike and once you game with music it is hard to game without it.

I have listened to this station for the past few days and the music selection is fantastic and have heard little repeats in song selection. The station has a plenty of dubstep and high-paced jams for you to enjoy, as well as some rap and classic rock. Mixed into this station is orchestral numbers from the Halo series that puts a nice touch to this mix so it doesn’t seem like a “regular” dubstep mix of tunes.

Since listening to this station I have began to listen to other popular video game soundtracks via YouTube and these are amazing pieces of art. Soundtracks to video games are nothing new as they are now released with collector’s editions of games, as well as being separate entities themselves having their own special editions.

Take a listen to Master Chief Radio, as well as some of these other soundtracks when you are writing a paper, at work, gaming, or driving in the car and get a sense of how awesome video games, their soundtracks, as well as this special radio station are!

Some other soundtracks to listen to (if interested) are:


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