The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct will it live up to the show?

By: Elise

With The Walking Dead tv show that airs on AMC being such a hit with young and old alike, does the video game The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct measure up? It appears not. According to the article by Rich Stanton, “The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is what comes, with sad inevitability, alongside such an achievement.” He explains how the original comic was innovative and had an original take on the zombie apocalypse. The game could not live up to the original The Walking Dead comic for Stanton.
In the game you are cast as hillbilly Daryl Dixon, “whose most distinctive trait is calling female zombies “d***head” as he stabs them.” Your mission is to by stealthy and shoot through corridors on a mission for something different on each level. It seems like each level has potential to have something really great, but there wasn’t the proper time or budget put into this game. After messing around on the game for a few minutes you’ll notice the windows are bulletproof and the doors which open look exactly the same as those which don’t. The buildings are boxy, cars are boxy and surprisingly enough the houses are boxy too. Many ideas are too unfufilled to make this game worthwhile. Where there could be minigames and such to add to the game, there are simply menu options for players to choose from. Another flaw with the game is your vechicle and the limited seats it allows you. When you have too many people in the vechicle you are told to “dismiss somebody, abandoning them to the zombie apocalypse because you couldn’t possibly fit three in the back seat, what happens? Nothing. You move to the next menu screen and they’ve disappeared.” One last complaint is the zombies, the enemy. When you pause the game to look at the crowd of zombies, each zombie has a look a like. They can easily be taken out at back but when you get close enough for them to see or smell you or if you were to shoot off your gun, they all come running. Maybe it’s best to just run from this game.



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