Black Ops 2: Better than the first?

By: Elise

Better Than The First? I think so! When I first heard that Black Ops 2 was coming out, I wasn’t too excited. As the release date grew closer, I caved and preordered the game. Watching the trailers as they released them, my expectations were continued to build. After waiting in line for 4 hours to finally get the game on November 14, 2012 I raced home and played a couple rounds on multiplayer. It’s safe to say Black Ops 2 multiplayer definitely exceeded my expectations.
The first thing I noticed I liked better about Black Ops 2 multiplayer was the maps. In recent games, such as MW3, the maps aren’t terrible but they don’t compare to the maps in Black Ops 2. Some things I noticed about the maps were that they felt more three dimensional and had moving parts, and best of all fewer places people could camp at. I definitely enjoyed playing on these maps a lot more than in past COD games.
In the article by Devin Connors, Connors seems to agree with my insight into the game. Connors said “While the core multiplayer experience of Black Ops 2 has the same basic framework as previous Call of Duty games, Treyarch has addressed many of those issues: revamping the way you customize your loadouts, fine-tuning core components, adding new game modes, and filling out the baked-in competitive aspect of online play.” Although customization has never been a complaint in the past, the new Black Ops is “a welcome addition that really allows you to address your strengths and weaknesses as a player.” Connors sums it up by saying “Black Ops 2 multiplayer has its fair share of failures and successes. Does the whole experience feel appropriately tied in with the campaign? Absolutely. The maps, whether they’re pulled directly from the campaign or merely inspired by it, were designed with diversity in mind, and they hit that goal. If you’re a fan of the established Call of Duty multiplayer experience, Black Ops 2 takes everything you enjoy and improves upon it.”

I would definitely suggest getting this game. The multiplayer alone is the worth the $60 dollar price tag. I haven’t even touched upon the campaign and the zombies. The campaign and zombies bring so much more to the table and gives a whole new experience to players. Great game 9/10.




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