I’m skeptical towards the newest addition to the BioShock Series – BioShock Infinite

After playing the first two BioShocks, and seeing the trailer for BioShock Infinite, I thought to myself “Well, there goes that franchise, close the door.” Mainly because I loved the underwater city known as Rapture from the first two games and the horror-esk game-play  Why ruin it with bringing it out of water and into the air? I was still very skeptical about the game even days before it’s release until I read this New York Times article and then did a little more research on the upcoming game.

The article talks about the co-founder and creative director of Irrational Games, Ken Levine and how he envisioned BioShock Infinite to be.

I first read the article before the launch of Infinite. I thought that well, this seems like every other developer telling his/her life story about how much time and effort of his/her life was spent into making the game the best game of all time. I wasn’t really expecting anything over the top and as great as all the articles and video promos hyped it up to be.

After playing the game and,it all made sense.

If you don’t believe me, Kokatu’s review of the game is spot on. You can really tell that 4 years and 100 million dollars went into the game. And the game isn’t a generic Halo or Call of Duty, it’s something completely different and it’s awesome.


Payback Games Huge Call of Duty: Black Ops II 4v4 Tournament


Payback Games is a newly launched gaming site where gamers can come to compete to win awesome prizes.  Recently, Payback Games and partners with Gamer Gloves and Insert Coins to bring a Call of Duty: Black Ops II tournament that is offering $20,000 worth of prizes!

The tournament starts with an online qualifier that begins April 18th.  The tournament is open to anyone 16 and older since Insert Coins is a bar and there are certain age restrictions for gamers.  To find the promotional video about the tournament, please see the link below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=TdJGrQ5lUuE

Payback Games have received many sponsors that are offering the $20,000 prizes.  Gamer Gloves, its main sponsor, is offering the $10,000 cash that will be given to the winning team.  They have a full list of their sponsors and their prizes here: http://www.paybackgamesevents.com/#!prizes/cyfj

The tournament will begin as an online qualifier hosted on the Paybackgames website. After 8 weeks and 16 matches played the top ranked 16 teams will earn the invite to play in Minneapolis Minnesota LIVE at Insert Coins for the chance at the Grand Prize of $10,000.  Both Payback Games and Gamer Gloves were interviewed by a gaming talk show, The Wrant, and discussed both of what Payback Games is and about Gamer Gloves’ product.  The video of the talk show is available here: http://www.twitch.tv/thewrant/b/383193278

OUYA Released Soon


OUYA is a new gaming device that is coming to market in June of this year.  This open source game console asked for funding in July through Kickstarter to get the funding to “disrupt an established industry” that is the television gaming market.  OUYA’s goal was to raise $950,000 to have the funds to make the product and perfect it, but OUYA did not receive just $950,000.  The backing for OUYA was so large, that they raised $8,596,474.  To view their Kickstarter video, check out their page here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ouya/ouya-a-new-kind-of-video-game-console


CEO of OUYA, Julie Uhrman, announced that the first batch of OUYA consoles are being shipped out to their first backers today and will be shipping to retailers June 4.  Currently, the device still has a little lag and bugs, but Julie doesn’t seem to be concerned.  She says early backers will get it today and will see the evolution of the UI as to where it will be June 4.


There are different talks about how gamer designers will monetize their games.  There are thoughts of giving games for free but offering a digital “tip jar” where gamers can donate money to the developer.  However, major video game companies are reacting to the new landscape of creating inexpensive games.  For example, Wii U showed their own games and how developers can use HTML4 and Javascript to create games.


Despite its competitors, OUYA has the ability to become very successful.  The success of OUYA is in the hands of developers to create content for all gamers.  Even though the console isn’t even launched yet, Julie and her co-workers are not able to keep up with the amount of games already coming in.



Valve’s new console! Pre-orders start at $1000.

Valve, the legendary company among PC gamers that created Steam has now entered the video game console market. Steam (created and owned by valve) is primarily known for having ridiculous sales during the holidays and saving PC gamers a ton of money. Over the years people have wanted valve to get into the console market.

Now before you say “Well, its $1000 dollars for something like an Xbox, why not just buy an Xbox or ps3?” It’s not at all like an Xbox or PS3.

The Valve box, manufactured by Xi3 is literally a hand-carried super portable PC.


It can display up to three monitors, and can be easily upgraded internally if needed. The Piston also runs on less power than a 60W light bulb.


Hard Drive Standard – Internal 128GB SSD
CPU – 3.2Ghz Quad Core (R464)

As of right now the manufacturer Xi3, still isn’t giving away all of the specs through there website. Even with the $1000 dollar price tag, for a super portable gaming PC, I’d buy it.

If you would like to pre-order the Piston Console, you can do so here.


Custom Call of Duty Case

Check out this custom case I made!



GAM3R GLOV3S Tags for Astro A40




1) Right click on each link and hit “Open in a new tab”

2) Save both images to your computer

3) Go to www.AstroGaming.com

4) Hover over Tags and click Custom

5) Locate and click Customize A40 Tags

6) Select the Left Tag and Click “Upload my Own”

7) Select Browse and look for the GG Logo tag and hit upload.

8) Click copy above the tag and select paste on the right tag

9) Select the Center Tag and Click “Upload my Own”

10) Select Browse and look for the GG Fist and slogan tag and hit upload.

11) Your tags are complete and ready to Add to Cart

“Durango” Unchained? The newest Xbox architecture and what is inside!

“Durango” Unchained? The newest Xbox architecture and what is inside!
As soon as the New Year started there have been rumors swirling about the next generation of consoles. What will they contain and what will not be supported has been highly speculated as of this point; however the fine people at VGleaks (@VGLeaks) released what the make-up of the newest Xbox, codenamed “Durango”. The components within the new Xbox are still not official and ARE NOT CONFIRMED.


Starting with the CPU of the system we have an 8-core chip running at 1.6 GHz which is much improved over the triple-core 3.2 GHz CPU that is in the Xbox 360. “Durango” also sports 8GB of DDR3 RAM which crushes what is in the current Xbox 360, which is only 512MB of GDDR3 RAM. These improvements already are setting itself up for success, but we aren’t done yet! The GPU in the “Durango” is a custom 800MHz graphics card built specifically for the newest Xbox. Look for this to be another monster upgrade for Microsoft’s newest console.
One thing that all console gamers have been asking for is a Blu-ray drive and it appears that Xbox lovers will be in luck as it contains a 50GB 6x Blu-ray drive! This may not be important for people who own both the PS3 and the Xbox 360, or for those who own a separate Blu-ray player, however this is HUGE for those who don’t! Other miscellaneous things to look at are the USB 3.0 port, as well as a dedicated Kinect IN slot for people who own one of those nifty units. Lastly, there is HDMI IN and HDMI OUT slots as well, leaving some room for speculation as what the HDMI IN would be used for. Unfortunately there has not been any mention of hard drive sizes yet, but hopefully the 4GB units will be history!
This system looks extremely impressive so far and appears to have enough power to last as long as the original Xbox 360 in terms of longevity (the original Xbox 360 was released in November of 2005). According to VGLeaks they will be releasing the architecture for the next Playstation, codenamed “Orbis”, in the near future so stay tuned here to find out the latest with Sony’s next generation system! Expect an official announcement of the new Xbox at this year’s E3 event in June of this year during Microsoft’s annual keynote.